Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Niece. Ever.

Kakak ipar Encik Fitri baru sahaja melahirkan anak pertamanya pagi tadi. He's so happy with that. Macam tahu-tahu je dah beli tiket balik semenanjung weekend ni. Clever girl. HAHA. So congratulation tu Kak Intan and Abang Faizal. We will visit you all this Saturday InsyaAllah.

This girl is the first niece (or should i say niece-to-be since i'm not married to Encik Fitri yet?) I had. Err. Feeling a bit nervous toward the visiting. Saya takut nak pegang baby yang masih kecil. And I'm not good in dealing with kids, no matter what age. Maybe it has been long time ago since I took care of kids that makes me afraid of taking care of them again. HAHA. Do not speculate that sentence.

To the baby girl: Welcome to the world. I'm sorry that i have no birth-day present to give to you since i have no income right now. HAHA. p/s: :Later, can you call me aunty instead of makcik? HAHA.

I feel like I'm too old now. HAHA.

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