Saturday, November 24, 2012

Down with fever

Since thursday night i was having on and off fever. But i guess the highest temperature would be last night. Shivering. With cold.

And today i was on duty for methadone oncall. Blergh. It was the longest oncall i ever had. Nak habiskan 4 jam tu macam seksanya la hai. Nasib baik ade tempat untuk baring (read: mini surau). Took 2 tabs of pcm then lay down with a praying mat as blanket. Jangan yasinkan aku sudah lah.

After i reached home then there is a spike of fever. Again. Shivering like hell. Husband was not around. Luckily my brother was around. So he can take a look at Irfan. Last april when i was having a fever, husband was not around and my brother is the one who take care of me and Irfan. Thanks a lot Mamat!

And now after an yhour of pcm, i am sweating and perhaps it is the sign of recovering fever.

Sesungguhnya sakit itu menyucikan dosa kecil.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh dear husband!!!

I had to stay in hotel for the last two days. Since i am having back pain, so EF helps to bath Irfan.

After few times, then i noticed a blue bottle next to bath tub. Then i asked EF:

Me: you mandikan irfan guna sabun ni ke ( sambil tunjuk sabun dalam botol biru tersebut)

EF: haah la. Kenapa?

Me: oh kenapala suamiku ini. Kan ni sabun untuk basuh botol Irfan. Depan ni kan tulis liquid cleanser for feeding bottle. Sabun mandi yang botol hijau, ada tulis head to toe wash. Kesian Irfan!!

EF: ye ke? Padanla tak banyak buih. I lagi picit banyak-banyak sebab takde buih. (Sambil ketawa).

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Irfan dropped a can of powder milk right onto my phone just now. And guess what, the screen was cracked and i can feel the glass dust whenever i slide my finger on it.

My heart was broken into pieces. The phone is my 2nd anniversary gift from dear husband. And it has not reached its first birthday.

I searched and find out it can be fixed. But the problem is the screen is not in stock currently and ETA in 2 weeks time. Ya how am i going to used this cracked phone covered with glass dust in 2 weeks?

Nak marah, bukan anak tu tahu yang jatuhkan tin susu kat telefon mummy boleh pecahkan skrin tu. Paling baik cuma boleh istighfar paaaanjang je. Sabar. Hemm. Nasib baik masih boleh guna tapi bahaya jugakla. Nak tunggu generasi ke 5 entah bila baru masuk pasaran malaysia. Kalau dah ade pun takkan dear husband nak belikan lagi sekali. Sabar je la.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The busy mummy.

Irfan is 19 months already. And the little one is approaching 24 weeks in one or 2 days.

Life has been good this few weeks (minus the pharmacy things of shortage of fund, shortage of staffs, unapproved time off bla bla bla). I able to cook for husband several times last week which is something i can do if and only if i am on leave. I able to cook for Irfan every single days but now he is not so into food, more to milk, which makes me so worried. Sudah bosankah dengan lauk mummy masak? What should i cook then? Other than that, my life was pretty cool.

Went out with Irfan to have gossip session with a friend, and Irfan was being so nice sitting properly in his stroller without screaming 'take me out'. FYI, the stroller has not been used for more than a year because we were comfortable with babywearing.so i was a bit afraid that Irfan wouldn't sit in the stroller nicely. But he was a good boy that day. I should go out with him more often after this. Oh btw, i am not giving up babywearing. It just that i am not comfortable to wear ssc with the bulging tummy. Plus i am having a back pain which i think will be aggrevated if i backcarry Irfan.

I do some ultrasound scan for fibroadenoma last month (which i wont explain much about that). Knowing that i am 20 weeks pregnant, the radiologist was kind enough to do o&g ultrasound to identify the gender of the little obe. She didnt give me assurance, but some percentage of the gender, which i dont take it seriously.

The major concern here is how is Irfan's reaction towards the little one once he/she was born? Last aidiladha, i went to visit two cousins who gave birth recently. And guess what, Irfan was treating the baby like a kitten in my mum's house. He grabbed the baby's hand roughly. He tried to slap the baby's head. Oh man. I was so panicked. Phew. It creates an alarm to me to introduce to Irfan the baby concept.

The little one is doing fine. My tummy was not as big as before. But husband noticed that i put some weight already. Hello, i am 24 weeks pregnant. Of course i gained weight. I still wear baju kurung to work as it still can fit me well. To be honest, i havent korek all my maternity clothes. Nanti la.

Oh, my sister was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy and it had been removed last week. Please pray for her health okay.