Saturday, November 24, 2012

Down with fever

Since thursday night i was having on and off fever. But i guess the highest temperature would be last night. Shivering. With cold.

And today i was on duty for methadone oncall. Blergh. It was the longest oncall i ever had. Nak habiskan 4 jam tu macam seksanya la hai. Nasib baik ade tempat untuk baring (read: mini surau). Took 2 tabs of pcm then lay down with a praying mat as blanket. Jangan yasinkan aku sudah lah.

After i reached home then there is a spike of fever. Again. Shivering like hell. Husband was not around. Luckily my brother was around. So he can take a look at Irfan. Last april when i was having a fever, husband was not around and my brother is the one who take care of me and Irfan. Thanks a lot Mamat!

And now after an yhour of pcm, i am sweating and perhaps it is the sign of recovering fever.

Sesungguhnya sakit itu menyucikan dosa kecil.

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Noni said...

Get well soon dear!