Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mood Swing

Dear Suryahani,

I am doing fine over here. have been busy with lab work lately. Anyway, I am happy to have gotten your email. Thank you so much for keeping me updated with your progress from time to time. You are always welcomed to email me. Not to worry.

I can understand your frustration. nevertheless, there's no point dwelling in it anymore. x.xx is a very strong CGPA indeed. therefore, your options are still many. Looking back at your progress for the past four years, a total of eight semesters, I would definitely say that it's a great achievement. Well done! I am proud of you!

Apart from congratulating you on finally obtaining your BPharm (Hons), I would also like to tell you that you have matured a lot when compared to the day when you first started your uni life. From my reading of your email, I can see that you finally know how to handle challenges in a better way. You recognize the problem, you learned to analyse the cause of the problem and you face the problem positively. Remembered the target you have set from semester 1? that was a challenging but achievable target for you. you have worked very hard towards achieving your goals. Even though you missed it by just 0.01, at least you came very close to it. You may be frustrated but I am sure you have no huge regrets. To me, you have already achieved it. You are right by saying that life must go on. No matter what happens in life, life must go on. during the ups of your life, stay humble and always seek to improve yourself. never be complacent. on the other hand, during the downs of your life, never ever give up. stand up and face the challenges. learn from your mistake and do better the next time. that's the principle your should apply in whatever you do.

Suryhani, i hope that you can see that your uni education is more than just obtaining knowledge (BPharm). It is also a training on how you are going to lead your life. I'm sure you will do very well in the future. Oh yes, do you know where will you be posted to? and when will your convocation be? Do keep in touch from time to time ok. Even though you are no longer a student any more, if you need my advice or opinion with regard to work or further study, do feel free to email me.

Once again, Congratulations!! I am sure your parents are very proud of you too.

Yes, faculty will be moving to puncak alam soon. do visit us whenever you have time. i should be back for good by 2012.

Till then, take good care! Wishing you great success for your future career!

Yours sincerely
Mr Steven Lim

Apart from my family and Encik Fitri,he is the one who always push me to be on top. He always keep himself updated about exam, results and problems that I faced. He encourages me and always positive towards me. He always believes that I can get good result whenever I said 'not this semester'. Eventhough he is not my mentor anymore, but still he contacted me through email all the way from Aussie. And still he give the motivational support for me. He is Mr Steven Lim, my academic advisor during uni days.

Mr Steven, thank you for all you did for me for past 4 years. And I'm sorry for not keeping my promise to you.P/S: Your email cause my mood to swing and my tears to fall.

7 Words from you:

ckin said...

aku rindu pade mr.steven...haha
and WOW!! email dia sgt motivating, encouraging, inspirating...err..all sort of 'ting2' lah
btw..don't worry lah pasal 0.01 tuh okeis...ape yg penting...kite grad pade masenye..yeay...

Hazlin said...

huuu memule kan, aku ingatkan ko tulis surat kat diri sendiri. ingatkan ade split personality disorder :P rupenye mr steven ke.. best aaa mentor ko sungguh best. mentor aku sikit pun tak heran ape jadik kat aku, wuwuwuwuwuwuwu..

SuryaRahman said...

ckin:aku rindu die jugak. tapi still rase terkilan menyucuk-nyucuk di dada ku. huhu. takpela. asal grad sudah.

hazlin: err. aku pun ingat aku ade split personality disorder la pasal post email mr steven. haha.masa encouraging tu mmg ls best. tapi time pas exam, kene jumpe die pastu die set goal utk semester depan tak hazab ke?

takpe nanti aku suh dr choo email ko eh. haha.

Al-Ibrah said...

ingatkan Surya bipolar td..

wah..supportive gile mr steven..rindu kat lecture dia..

lg 0.01 surya?? sayangnya..tp dah takdirkan..terima jelah..

balkisomar said...

congratz surya...setiap ketentuan ada reason disebaliknya yang Dia dah tetapkan untuk kta sejak dulu lagi....

hidup mesti terus walaupun agak pahit =)

azie said...

surya~~ aku pun same macam alin. terkejut nape ko tulis surat utk diri sendiri..hee.
aku pun tgh pasrah dgn 0.01 yang aku nak dan xdapat. pasrah je lah. hidup mesti diteruskan.
papepun aku ucapkan tahniah for the 8th semester of excellence. ye la nak banding ngan aku ni jauh lah..
still, aku hepi grad on time. wee~~

SuryaRahman said...

hazwan wedding planner: haha. suka pulak panggil engkau begitu. err. ko pun kerinduan pada die? apa kes?

pasal kes 0.01 tu, redha je la. sape suruh main-main mase exam. haha.

p/s: bukan schizo ke tu? haha.

balkis: huhu. tengah menelan kepahitan atas kelalaian sendiri. erk.kenyang. haha.

belajar dari kesilapan.

azie: huhu. sedih kan hanya kerama 0.01 yang kalau bundar tu takde kesan pape pun dalam kehidupan.

tahniah juga kepada engkau dan kawan-kawan yang lain sebab kite berjaya grad pada waktunya!