Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 Months Pregnant

It is exactly 3 months left. Berdebar-debar. Macam-macam cerita dah dengar pasal bersalin. Kadang-kadang ngeri. Kadang-kadang terfikir boleh ke aku ni nanti? Ada orang cakap, kalau masa mengandung mudah takde masalah, nanti nak bersalin tu susah. Haih. Tapi pendapat saya, lain orang, lain pengalamannya. Emak saya mengandung takde masalah. Bersalin pun tak susah. Jadi cakap orang mungkin tak boleh pakai sangat.

Being 6 months pregnant, saya rasa tak payah bagitahu orang pun orang dah tahu saya pregnant. Memang jelas kelihatan lah. Peubahan yang ketara. Selain daripada perut yang dah membesar, bahagian lain juga tak ketinggalan untuk membesar. Kalau lepas kahwin EF kira dagu saya ada 2, sekarang bila dia kira dah jadi 3 pulak. Triple chin. Expected? Yes. Do I care? Yes. Do I mind? No.

Berat badan macam shooting rocket. Cepat gila naik. 6 months pregnant, I gained 15 kg. Full term? Please calculate yourself. Do I care? Yes. Do I mind? YES absolutely. But hey, I'm pregnant. The additional weight I carry are the baby itself, the amnion fluids and the extra adipose tissue. What? Adipose tissue? Well, blame the hormone then.

I have no edema (yet). Kaki takde bengkak which is great. Tapi malam-malam selalu dapat cramp. It is more often when EF is not around. Sebelum tidur, memang elevate kaki atas bantal. Tapi bila dah tidur, bantal tu pun tak tahu pergi mana.

No stretch mark appears around belly (yet). Which is GREAAATT. Well. Dont be so happy. Wait and see next month.

I am a pharmacist who always remind my patient to take their meds everyday, but I failed to. I didnt take haematinics/obimin because of the super lazy of me. I took Anlene UHT milk every weekdays but not in weekend simply because I didnt drive on weekend (I drink while I drive). I didnt drink the maternal milk because I didnt drink milk actually. The UHT is in a packet where I would never see the look of the milk. So my little baby, I'm sorry that I didnt give the best for you. But I will try my best okey.

The little one has started to move inside my belly about 2 months ago. It is a GREAAATTT moment (How many times did I say great today?). Nowadays, pergerakan dia lebih ketara. It is more aggressive when I am hungry which is a contrary from the book I read (What to Expect When You Are Expecting). It is more aggressive during nights before I went to sleep. Sometimes it just rolled around. Sometimes it hardened in certain place which is painful but I enjoy it to max.

Last month, we went for ultrasound scan. Everyone is talking about 3d scan, but hey I dont want to simply because I dont think it is necessary. So a 30 minutes session of RM30 is very worthy for us as we can see the baby. Eyes, nose, hand, heart beat, spine, foot, even eye lashes but not the genital part. The baby is not in position which allow us to see clearly. But the doctor give us some hint. At that time the baby's weight is less than half kg. I already gained 10 kg at that time ~Pengsan~ . The doctor said the baby's feet is big. We were laughing at the statement. And we agreed, it is EF's trait.

Well. Thats it. For 6 months pregnant.

-Surya Rahman-

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g_dah86 said...

doa semua berjalan lancar..aminn..tak sabar nk tunggu baby kua:) nnt upload kat blog byk2 pasai beliau ye :D

SuryaRahman said...

thanks. doa banyak2 k. hehe.

hEarTLeSs said...

haha what do u expect from a pregnant woman? kang kurus org kate xckop zat pulak keh3

SuryaRahman said...

eh ade tau orang pregnant tapi berat makin kurang. jeles siot. kau cane? satu geng ngan aku ke ape?

hEarTLeSs said...

eh aku ok jer naek xsmpai sekilo hahaha tp last month naek 1.8kg pun nurse bebel

SuryaRahman said...

woi sikit nye ko naik. tak puas ati aku. nampaknye aku la champion naik berat paling banyak!