Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is my Saturday

I started today with leg cramping around 6 am.

And then the B-complex issue around 9 am, complicated by the complex 'SHE'.

And then scramble eggs-baked beans-hotdogs breakfast at 10 am (did you see the plural I use describing each?). Yeah I called it breakfast when someone might consider it as brunch.

And then water supply is being suspended for a while around 11 am when I planned to wash clothes.

At the same time, someone is drilling something somewhere around my house. Drilling on Saturday? Not a good idea. I guess it is related to the water supply.

I want to cook something for lunch (read: maggi, as no water supply, just use the cooked water) when the stove is fooling with me.

And now the water supply is back, I have my lunch (read: rice, sea bass and kailan yummy), and planning to do laundry (again) but found out the water is not in good condition. Karat okey.

And now it is raining. With thunder. Perfect sleepmates.

-Surya Rahman-

2 Words from you:

Tapak Kaki said...

kamu memang kuat makan.haha.. lebih-lebih lagi waktu sekarang..

SuryaRahman said...

Chaittt. Lebih baik kuat makan daripada buang makanan. HAHAHA.