Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can you keep a secret?

Sekali lagi, takde kaitan dengan Sophie Kinsella.

Keeping a secret or secrets is not easy. I've been holding two major secrets from you. Though, some might know it from my husband (or me, myself), but still it has not being revealed here. Err. Pretty hard for me.

Ooh. Saya berjaya menukar oncall saya untuk minggu depan. So I have 3 days off next week as Monday is PH in Johor. As EF would be around that week, so I determined to change my oncall and try my best to call other colleagues to change with. In my mind, there will be a short holiday for both of us, make it anywhere I dont mind. But hey, holiday siapa yang tak suka. And I was smiling after I managed to change until EF told me

I have a course to be attended at KL starting Sunday afternoon

Dangggg! My short holiday would probably be a weekend getaway at our own house.

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