Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wedding Case Note

Name: SR
Age: 23 yo
Sex: Female
Race: Malay
Weight: Apasal kau kisah kg
Height: 165cm

Chief complaint: Bad headache, hallucination, stomach discomfort,constipation, hair loss.

History of Present Illness: Patient is having bad headache for 2/52. She complaints of worried on her wedding preparation. She also worried on her economical status that she has to do FaMa loan. She hallucinates on her future life that would somehow turn her into gigantic monster. She also hallucinates on the presence of 'third people' between them. She also complaints of having butterfly on her stomach for last 1/12. Sometimes she feels nauseated and dizzy because of the butterfly in the stomach. She is having constipation for past 1/12. She has extra hair loss since her wedding is getting near.

Past Medical History: G6PD for 23 years.

Past Medication History: Nil

Review of System: Flutterred heart beat. Sluggish bowel movement. HAHA. Ni pun masuk jugak.

Family and Social History: She is 2nd out of 4 siblings. Not married yet. Non smoker and non alcoholic. Father has h/o HPT for 15 years and DM for 10 years. Mother is healthy. Sister has B.A. Other siblings are healthy.

Allergy: NKDA/ fava beans due to G6PD

Diagnosis: GMS. Getting-married syndrome.

Treatment and Plan:
1. To give soothing food like delicious Pizza Hut's Super Supreme and Seafood Lasagna, marvelous Nasi Lemak Jati with Sambal Kerang, super sedap Burger Double Special Chicken Beef Top Bottom Sauce and Mayo lebih.
2. To give shopping voucher. Please. HAHA.
3. To give 1 month leave for her to settle down her wedding preparation. I need this badly.
4. To send her for hair treatment.

How I am nervous of this wedding.

2 Words from you:

-widie- said...

oit! constipate pon nk btau ke,hekeleh..
chee (saje crik gado)

SuryaRahman said...

betul la weh. aku sejak nak kahwin ni asik constipate siot. takut kot.

ceh. macam tak kahwin tak constipate la.HAHA.