Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Summary

1. A complaint has been made which cause me to be shifted to other clinic.

1. New working place. The good thing is less responsibilityies. The bad thing is extra milage to and fro working place, babysitter's place and home.
2. Something really bad happen in the family.

1. Why i cant remember what was happened on March? Aging process perhaps. Why oh why.

1. Irfan's first birthday and my 26th birthday. No celebration because dear husband is sooo busy.

1. Alin's wedding. Meaning: a small reunion with 401 members.
2. Husband is resigned.

1. A new ride. Alhamdulillah. Walaupun berat hati nak berpisah dengan kenderaan saksi percintaan saya dan suami serta kasih sayang ibu bapa kepada saya. By the way, masih hutang emak lagi.

1. Double line in pregnancy test. A big suprise!!
2. A 3 weeks mc due to threatened abortion.

1. The very first raya not celebrated with my parents. A big sob.
2. Irfan is having high grade fever that cant be resolved with brufen but voten supp.

1. The secret was broken. Sad, but it is true enough.
2. Brought my parents to water theme park. Saja berjalan.

1. Birads 2 fibroadenoma :( i was advised to remove it. But i opt to seek for second opinion, which is untill now i havent seek for it.

1. A short vacation. I guess it is the last vacation for the three of us. After this it will be fantastic four!

1. Mak long is passed away.
2. My ride was hit. Sobs. Need at least 26 working days to be repaired. Sobs sobs.
3. 3rd anniversary. But hey no celebration as husband is sick.

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