Sunday, March 6, 2011

Few months without

photos in my entry. Excuse me for not having a camera, neither DSLR nor digital compact. But
hey, I got a phone with flashless camera. So here you go.

A 34 weeks bump.

I cant see my toes anymore. Taken from top view. Err please rotate your head eh.

A 32 weeks bump.

I dont know which laundry detergent is the best for the baby, so I bought this one. For the reason that I've tried it once to clean up my white coat.

All the baby's need (minus the soft toy in front of the diapers, the one EF got after darting). Actually not all. Ada yang pending lagi. Masih dalam plastik lagi. Ya ini mummy sangat malas nak laundry baju baby.

Thats all. I'm not a camwhoring person.

-Surya Rahman-

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