Friday, April 17, 2009

JB here I come!

Encik Fitri is at JB. And therefore today i also at JB. HEHE. Doing some things together even when to Senai Airport that looks like 'OMG! IS this an international airport?'.

And right now i'm updating this blog at Jusco Arena Food Court curik WiFi Starbucks. HAHA. And Encik Fitri is busy with his Manukan Job thing. What else i can do except online and blog hoping and membebel here.

Btw, note schizophrenia i ade lkat sebelah. Tak berusik pun. HAHA.

2 Words from you:

ckin said...

quote: 'OMG! IS this an international airport'

nape ngn SENAI airport kesayangan aku tuh...huhu...

SuryaRahman said...

Die tgah buat cinstruction kat situ.. nak upgrade kot..tak nampak terminal pun..HAHA..pelik je..