Sunday, November 13, 2011

Down with fever

4 days with long journey. Phew. Back to JB and work. But Irfan is down with fever. Quite high. 38.5. Been giving him PCM and I was about to cry whenever he screamed and cried begging me not to force him to swallow the med. My baby, I am sooo sorry. It just that I want you to get well soon. Very very soon. Since I am going to be audited in 2 days time. I cant afford to take leave and I cant send you to be taken care by babysitter in this condition. Oh. I hope that the auditor will cancel all the auditing process and I can cuddle my son whenever he needs me.  Oh. I am so in dilemma. Tuhan, please help me. 

-Surya Rahman-

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