Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We are human

Honestly, siapa antara kamu yang selalu hilang sabar bila berurusan dengan kaunter? Make it bank or clinic or post office or PHARMACY?
Do you think those people who works at the counter purposely do their job in siput mode?

I'm tired of handling those people.

Please, I'm also a human. Well, you don't know other's life until you jump into their shoes.

But sometime, I love my job when you, people interact with us nicely. Your smile and 'thank you' makes my day. Thank you.

Have a nice day, then.

Oh, btw, I'm going back to JB tomorrow. Thus, goodbye.

*In the mode of tak sabar nak tengok dia*

2 Words from you:

Tapak Kaki said...

customer is always right.hehe

SuryaRahman said...

no it isnt.