Thursday, March 5, 2009


ooo..uniknya, uniknya singapura..
jalan2 ke pulau sentosa
night safari, kampung gelam pun ada
jurong birdparks, duck tours juge

while waiting for the bus, what else can we do?

gelang patah. even though i am a johorean, but i never used second link to go to singapore

u better hold ur laugh..or else the pics will be ruined

yeahh..one fullerton *i dunno where is it..heh*

saat2 menggedik bersame2 mereka

who's sugar daddy is he?

meneruskan tradisi shopper sejati

and that young, LITTLE man there is our hero for the day

shivering and clinching and grrr...

alhamdulillah we bought the pashmina..if not..

and here we go again

what are u doing, surya?

the sun started to go down

When on earth will we be like this again?

trying to be a modern witch

and this pose again

well, fatah is like a kumbang in d middle of bungas

hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri..
aku lbey rela kutip batu dari kutip emas..

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